If pregnancy brings a glow on the skin, it is often associated with various gum diseases.  This condition is called pregnancy gingivitis. It is associated with swelling of the gums which is caused by the increase of certain hormones, which help in the growth and development of the baby. This occurs anytime between the second to eighth months. Usually, it is more severe during the second trimester.


The symptoms associated with this are

* Swollen gums

* Redness

* Shiny surface

* Tender to touch and *bleeding on brushing.

MYTHS associated with pregnancy

Myth #1.

Pregnancy does not affect teeth and gums.


A pregnant women are at a great risk of gum diseases . These conditions can cause premature birth of the baby or low birth weight

Myth #2

Avoid dental treatment in pregnancy.


It is important to visit the dentist for routine checkups in pregnancy. The routine cleaning and fillings can be done. Some procedures may be delayed till the second trimester which is the safest period for the baby and the mother also.  In case of emergency mother has to undergo the necessary procedures in other trimesters also.

Myth #3

Hormonal changes effect only in pregnancy.


The hormonal changes in the mother’s body do not finish immediately after the delivery, the risk of gum diseases stays in the lactating mothers also. Mothers often undergo bone loss in this period.

Mothers in this period are often advised to take diets that are low in sugars and continue effective dental routines at home.

EFFECTS: if pregnancy gingivitis is not treated at the right time, it can lead to extensive bone loss and the development of pockets. These can get infected and later lead to early tooth loss in life.


*brush twice daily

*do warm saline rinses

If symptoms appear

*must visit a dentist.

The increased level of hormones is the thing that cannot be changed in pregnancy but special efforts can be put by the patient to avoid pregnancy gingivitis.

  • Schedule a dental visit,
  • eat healthy food
  • less intake of sugars
  • brushing after sticky food.