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Japjee Promise

Ethics at Japjee 🙂

Our relationship with the patients is based on the key principles of Integrity, Respect & Trust. Maintaining a high standard of patient service is crucial in making Japjee Dental a leading company in the dental industry in India. We are open and honest in our dealings with our patients and we ensure that we carry this through in all decisions.

100% Ethical Treatment

Patient always comes first for Japjee Dental, all treatment plans are designed keeping patient’s interests in mind.

  • Japjee doctors are continuously trained in clinical best practices and access to latest technological advancements, enabling patients to get the best care available, without any compromise.
  • Japjee doctors receive fixed salaries and performance bonuses that are tied to quality and customer service. They are given an incentive to treat patients with consistency, respect and compassion; their compensation is never tied to the revenue they generate.
  • Japjee doctors take the Japjee Medical Oath in addition to their professional oath; it reinforces their duty to act in the best interest of the patient at all times.

100% Transparency

Japjee Dental’s membership in the Royal Society of Medicine, UK, is an indicator of the transparent manner in which dental treatment is offered.

  • Treatment options are provided to patients so they can actively participate in their Dental Care.
  • Prices are clearly communicated to patients. There is no hidden fees.
  • Official receipts are issued for all consultations and procedures to ensure complete financial compliance.

100% Ethical Business Practices

Japjee Dental strictly follows the ethical and moral principles when it comes to professional/ business conduct.

  • Japjee employees do not offer, accept or encourage gifts of any kind under any circumstance.
  • Japjee employees and Japjee’s vendors adhere to a policy of zero tolerance for unethical business behaviour.
  • Japjee Dental follows International Financial Reporting standards, ensuring 100% financial compliance.