Dental Implants

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What is Dental Implant?

Dental Implants is the procedure of implantation of artificial teeth which similarly looks like original teeth. This is a modern technique to provide you similar teeth like your original ones. So, If you lost your tooth due to some tooth decay or an accident need not worry.

Dental Implants

Dentists understand the importance of teeth for any person. This technique is changing the lives of people. In this procedure, Dentists place a screw in your gums. It sounds painful but it’s not. If you want to have painless dental implantation you are welcome at Japjee Dental Family Clinic anytime.

Dental Implantation helps you in regaining your lost original smile. Also, As it looks totally natural, you will also never feel that you are having Implanted teeth.

Dental Implants

Dentists give priority to the health conditions of the patient first. They first figure out if you don’t have any kind of health issue. If after considering your overall health condition doctors proceed for your implantation treatment.

How much Dental Implants Costs?

There is a myth in Indian people that Dental Implants are extremely costly. Let us break down for you. We believe there is no smoke without fire. Many Clinics all over India are asking for a handsome amount for money for dental Implantation. This is not because dental implantation is costly but these clinics are serving you costly.

Dental Implants

Japjee Family Dental Clinic believes that a patient should not suffer just because of money. We provide dental implants at really affordable costs. You will be charged only the price which suits your pocket also that for the requirements of the treatment. You can visit us at our Mohali branch or Ambala City Branch. Japjee family dental Clinic is one of the best Dental clinics in North India.

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