Scaling is another word for dental cleaning. In this yellowish hard deposits, that cannot be cleared by regular brushing are cleared. These yellowish deposits are known are calculus which gives rough surface to bacteria to harbor and can be a major cause for bad breadth.


1.What is the difference between scaling and deep cleaning?

Scaling is removing the plaque or starter above and below the gum line,whereas deep cleaning includes scaling and root planning.

2.How long will the gums be sore after scaling.

After a sitting of scaling one might have sensitivity for a few days.

3.How can I take care of teeth regularly?

  • Brush twice day for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Quit smoking
  • Regular dental checkup after 6months.

4. What food is good for gums?

Foods rich in vitamin C like orange,kiwi ,lemon ,guava and vegetables like broccoli, bell peppers are good for gums.

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