Root Canal Treatment ( RCT)

Root Canal Treatment ( RCT)

A root canal is a dental treatment that cures the nerve inside of tooth so that tooth can be saved from extraction. The space present inside the root of the tooth comprising of blood vessels and nerve supply to the tooth is referred to as root canal. Root canal treatment is indicated in cases of damaged and infected teeth and involves cleaning and shaping the root canal space followed by restoration of the space with a filling material. The process of disinfecting the root canal and restoring the same requires 2-3 sittings. Lately, single sitting root canal treatment is done in most cases which results in better patient cooperation.


1.Is rct painful

No, rct is done under local anesthesia and you won’t feel any pain or sensitivity

2.How many times do I need to visit you

Generally rct is done in one visit, but it can take 2-3 visits if your tooth is having inflammatory tissue

3.Do I have to get a cap(crown) over my rct tooth

Yes, in mostly all rc treated tooth require cap(crown) so that the tooth does not fracture in future

4. How long will my rct treated tooth last?

If rct is done properly step by step and then restored adequately (in most situations with a crown), it can last as long as your natural tooth

5.What happens if I do not get my rct done?

The infection may spread to the apex(tip) of the root of your tooth and even to the surrounding bone which may lead to abscess drainage (pus drainage) from the gums

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