Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

This is a removable bridge that replaces your missing teeth while anchoring on to your remaining teeth.


1.Can I wear dentures during night ?

You should not wear dentures at night to keep them stain free and avoid build up of bacteria .It allows your gums to rest.

2.Do denture feel like our natural teeth ?

Most people take a few months to adjust to wearing dentures. It usually takes a few weeks to feel normal with dentures, till then it may cause little irritation and may feel awkward.

3.Can denture change my face appearance ?

Yes denture can change your appearance and your smile. It can also restore your face to its proper proportions.

4. What can i face during wearing of dentures ?

It is very important that you keep your mouth clean and healthy. Initially you may feel discomfort while speaking some words and chewing food.

5.What food should I avoid eating with dentures?

Even with strong mouth and well-fitting dentures, some food you should avoid chewing gums ,sticky candies, fruits like guava and pomegranate.

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