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Dental Implant

It is undisputedly the best solution to replace your missing tooth. These are the titanium roots that replaces the natural root of your tooth that is responsible for the stability and strength of the tooth, over which crown or bridge is placed and helps you enjoy your meals with full satisfaction. These are titanium roots that are placed into the bone and provide support to prosthetic replacement of a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.

They are placed in a single sitting after careful diagnosis and treatment planning. This is followed by replacement of missing tooth/ teeth two – six months later. Dental implants are better alternatives compared to conventional bridges due to the preservation of the remaining teeth and underlying bone. They also offer better functionality in comparison to bridges and feel like our natural teeth.

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Fixed implant bridges

Dental implant is best known for replacement of single missing tooth. However they can also be used to replace multiple missing teeth by placing multiple implants that are connected by bridges subsequently, referred to as fixed implant bridges. Replacing multiple teeth by fixed implant bridges is advantageous as it preserves the remaining bone thus maintaining facial form and functionality. In conventional bridges, adjacent teeth are reduced in size to provide support and accommodate bridge placed over it . However in fixed implant bridges, this isn’t the case thereby saving adjacent teeth.

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All on 4 Fixed Dental Bridges

This is a Fixed Dental bridge that is screwed on top of 4 or more dental implants and it can be only removed by the dentist. It is a treatment protocol when complete arch (upper/lower) replacement is done by placing only 4 dental implants strategically in each arch, in comparison with the placement of 5-8 implants in each arch conventionally. This procedure doesn’t require bone grafting in cases with inadequate bone, which would again decrease your treatment time significantly. Due to its various advantages such as immediate loading; being a graft less procedure and high patient satisfaction, it is the treatment of choice for full arch rehabilitation.

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Complete Dentures

This is a set of false teeth that replaces your original teeth . These are Removable appliances used to replace missing tooth/ teeth are referred to as removable partial dentures. In cases of loss of teeth due to caries, periodontal or any other reason, failure to replace missing teeth will result in loss of function, form and esthetics. Complete dentures are used to replace complete set of missing teeth either in a single arch or both arches. Complete rehabilitation of missing teeth results in a pleasing appearance and boosts patient confidence.

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Partial Dentures

This is a removable bridge that replaces your missing teeth while anchoring on to your remaining teeth.

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One of the most common complaints of patients wearing dentures is reduced stability especially in the lower arch.  Overdentures are removable complete dentures that are attached to remaining natural teeth or implants resulting in improved stability. Due to the constant stimulation of the underlying bone by the natural tooth or implant , improved stress distribution and stability they result in improved aesthetics, facial form, function and confidence.

These are basically Dentures that sit on top of 2-4 dental implants so it is more stable and comfortable for patients compared to  regular dentures

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Dental Crown

A TOOTH Shaped cap that is used to protect the teeth to make them stronger and more beautiful . Dental crowns are used to replace the natural tooth in form and function. Currently, due to the recent advances in dentistry with regard to the various materials used to replace lost tooth structure; metal, metal ceramic and all ceramic crowns are used to replace missing teeth.

In cases with missing tooth/teeth, support from adjacent teeth is acquired to fabricate a bridge. This process requires the reduction of crown structure of the adjacent teeth to provide space for the fabrication of a bridge. Missing teeth result in spaces in the oral cavity which increase or decrease overtime due to the migration of adjacent teeth. Early replacement of missing teeth preserve arch form.

Crowns are also used in cases of root canal treated teeth wherein they protect the underlying tooth structure. Crowns can be placed on teeth that are either root canal treated teeth or not based on the requirement that is assessed by your clinician.

It is of 2 types:

  • Zirconia crown: A very strong Non metallic crown that looks like a natural tooth.
  • PFM: Porcelain fused to metal : A tooth coloured crown that has a metal core inside and outside is covered by tooth coloured porcelain
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Dental veneer

This is a thin layer of porcelain or composite ( tooth coloured filling) that protects your tooth and makes it beautiful. These are thin porcelain shells that are bonded onto your tooth surface to correct cosmetic defects such as spacing, crooked teeth, and intrinsic defects.  The dentist initially reduces the tooth surface to provide space for the veneer and custom veneers are fabricated and bonded onto the tooth surface in the subsequent appointment. Veneers improve aesthetics and form of the tooth in a conservative, non invasive manner by resembling natural tooth.

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Teeth Whitening

A treatment where you can make your teeth whiter either by using laser light or some sort of a whitening gel. With this, you can enhance the shade of your teeth.
It is of 2 types

  • HOME BLEACHING: A teeth whitening  treatment that can be done at home using plastic trays and whitening gel.
  • OFFICE BLEACHING: A professional teeth whitening procedure that is done at the office by your dentist using a dental laser or light
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Now get rid of misaligned overlapped and crowed teeth with a variety of treatment options that can help straighten teeth giving you a long term health of your gums and teeth. Our orthodontist will ask you question about your complaints, will conduct a clinical examination, take your photos and impressions of teeth and take you X-rays proceeding with treatment plan best suitable for you. Braces , aligners or retainers, any of the treatment options suggested to you by our orthodontist will help you give a smile desired by you.

It is of 4 types

  • Ceramic Braces: Ceramic braces are tooth colored or clear brackets that are cemented to tooth surface.A tooth colored or clear wire is used which is less noticeable.
  • Metal Braces with Colored rings: Metal braces are traditional stainless steel braces which are cemented to the teeth. A metal archwires or tooth colored archwire is used which are tied with small rubber rings which can be clear and colored.
  • Lingual Braces: Lingual braces are metal braces placed on inside surface of teeth which are not visible from outside.
  • Clear aligners: Aligners are series of tight -fiting custom made transparent trays that fit tightly to teeth. They are made from a clear plastic material that fit tightly over the teeth and removed for eating, brushing and flossing. Treatment time from 10-24 months. unlike braces, aligner can be removed, making it easier to brush and floss in that helps to maintains better overall oral health.
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Root Canal Treatment ( RCT)

A root canal is a dental treatment that cures the nerve inside of tooth so that tooth can be saved from extraction. The space present inside the root of the tooth comprising of blood vessels and nerve supply to the tooth is referred to as root canal. Root canal treatment is indicated in cases of damaged and infected teeth and involves cleaning and shaping the root canal space followed by restoration of the space with a filling material. The process of disinfecting the root canal and restoring the same requires 2-3 sittings. Lately, single sitting root canal treatment is done in most cases which results in better patient cooperation.

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Scaling is another word for dental cleaning. In this yellowish hard deposits, that cannot be cleared by regular brushing are cleared. These yellowish deposits are known are calculus which gives rough surface to bacteria to harbor and can be a major cause for bad breadth.

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Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is a cleaning of teeth and the roots of the teeth from harmful bacteria and toxins. It is done after the clearing of superficial deposits in scaling.

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Peridontal Flap

A dental procedure where your gums are reflected so that dentist can reach hard to reach areas better.

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Gingival Grafts

A surgical procedure to cover the exposed roots of teeth.

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Tooth colored fillings

Previously, filling materials were unaesthetic which have now been replaced by tooth colored fillings. Decayed teeth may cause pain, swelling and discomfort over time to the patient. Early diagnosis and restoration of decay preceded by caries excavation by tooth colored filling material restores tooth form, function and contour.  It is basically resin ( special type of plastic ) that is tooth colored and is used for fillings or making teeth look more beautiful.

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Painless removal of tooth from the oral cavity

It is of two types:

  • An extraction of tooth that is loose and easy to come out
  • Surgical extraction: An extraction of a tooth that is very strong or is easily broken . Wisdom tooth extraction, Wisdom teeth erupt between the age of 18-21 in a young adult. Due to the reduced space in the jaw after jaw growth has completed
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Bone Grafting

It is a procedure which use bone material to grow new bone. The bone can be from your own body or external source. It is used when less amount of bone is present in your oral cavity.

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