Dental Implant

Dental Implant

It is undisputedly the best solution to replace your missing tooth. These are the titanium roots that replaces the natural root of your tooth that is responsible for the stability and strength of the tooth, over which crown or bridge is placed and helps you enjoy your meals with full satisfaction. These are titanium roots that are placed into the bone and provide support to prosthetic replacement of a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.

They are placed in a single sitting after careful diagnosis and treatment planning. This is followed by replacement of missing tooth/ teeth two – six months later. Dental implants are better alternatives compared to conventional bridges due to the preservation of the remaining teeth and underlying bone. They also offer better functionality in comparison to bridges and feel like our natural teeth.

Advantages of going in for Implants

  1. It can last life long.
  2. They do not damage the surrounding teeth.
  3. They look and function like normal teeth
  4. They prevent bone loss due to loss of tooth.


1.Can we go for implants immediately after extraction?

Yes . It is possible to have implants immediately.

2.How does a tooth attach to a dental implant ?

A dental implant has a structure called abutment to which the artificial tooth is attached .

3. How to keep implants clean ?

Implants should be brushed like other teeth to keep them clean. Water flosser can be used. Regular checkups are very important.

4.What is implant made up of ?

Implant is made up of titanium which is considered to be safe.

5. Is implant safe for MRI?

Yes. Titanium is considered to be para magnetic material and is not affected by magnetic field of MRI.

6 . What is the age limit for implants?

There is no age limit for implants .get your consultation now to know about your tooth replacement.

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