Dental Crown

Dental Crown

A TOOTH Shaped cap that is used to protect the teeth to make them stronger and more beautiful . Dental crowns are used to replace the natural tooth in form and function. Currently, due to the recent advances in dentistry with regard to the various materials used to replace lost tooth structure; metal, metal ceramic and all ceramic crowns are used to replace missing teeth.

In cases with missing tooth/teeth, support from adjacent teeth is acquired to fabricate a bridge. This process requires the reduction of crown structure of the adjacent teeth to provide space for the fabrication of a bridge. Missing teeth result in spaces in the oral cavity which increase or decrease overtime due to the migration of adjacent teeth. Early replacement of missing teeth preserve arch form.

Crowns are also used in cases of root canal treated teeth wherein they protect the underlying tooth structure. Crowns can be placed on teeth that are either root canal treated teeth or not based on the requirement that is assessed by your clinician.

It is of 2 types:

  • Zirconia crown: A very strong Non metallic crown that looks like a natural tooth.
  • PFM: Porcelain fused to metal : A tooth coloured crown that has a metal core inside and outside is covered by tooth coloured porcelain


1. Will the color of crown match with my natural tooth

Yes, now crowns made of porcelain can exactly match the shade and texture of your tooth and make it indistinguishable

2. How do I care for my crown and bridges

By maintaining excellent oral hygiene by brushing and flossing daily twice a day

3. Which foods should I avoid so that my crown/bridge does not get damaged

Avoid eating foods like hard candy or nuts and ice to get your crown/bridge last longer

4. Should I replace my old crowns?

Yes, if your crown/bridge is worn out or damaged or chipped, you must get it replaced by new crowns/bridges. Porcelain crowns made nowadays are more stronger and match exactly the color of your natural tooth

5. Do I always need to have a root canal before crown

No, you don’t necessarily need to have a root canal treatment

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