A Frequently Asked Question – What to Look for While Choosing a Toothbrush

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An activity done everyday for lifetime,, tooth – brushing to keep our teeth clean.
The dentist recommends brushing teeth twice a day. There are new toothbrushes in the market every second day – making it difficult for us to decide which one to buy.

Things to Check when Buying a Toothbrush

1. Head of the brush

There is a vast range of shape and sizes of the head of the toothbrush. The dentist recommend smaller head tooth brushes for people with less mouth opening. As for the shape of the toothbrush head, there is no standard shape that works the best.

2. Bristles

where hard bristles injure the gums, the soft bristles stay tender to the gums
Hard bristled toothbrushes are usually harsh on your teeth and usually dentist do not recommend them. They are usually used to clean false teeth like appliances including partial dentures, dentures, night gaurds or clear aligners
Medium bristled toothbrushes are mostly recommended only in case of stubborn tartar and stains
Soft bristled toothbrushes are widely recommended by dentist as they are gentle to the gums
Extra soft bristles are usually recommended for sensitive teeth and swollen gums
“Dome-round shape bristle ends are the most recommended”
For disease gums supersoft bristles are recommended

3. Handle Grip

The handle of the brush should be comfortable for perfect grip

What about electric toothbrush

dentist these days recommend electric toothbrush for more cleaning because of fast rotations of electric toothbrush but these brushes are expensive and need battery or a charger all the time
If your teeth are not cleaned with a regular toothbrush-then try out an electric one

Replacing your Toothbrush

replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months as it flares and turns yellow. It shall no longer clean your teeth properly.
Lately there are toothbrushes in the market that have indicators that can tell that its time to change the brush
You can always ask your dentist for help in choosing a toothbrush if you are not sure which kind will work best for tou, your mouth shape and your dental needs.Japjee Family Dental Clinic is the best dentist in Mohali

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